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Who we are

Smart-Bodybuilding is a team of professionals who are passionate about bodybuilding, fitness and sports. Our team includes professional trainers, sportsmen, doctors, and nutritionists with rich experience. So, if you have ever wondered: Where you can find useful information about bodybuilding, fitness, healthy nutrition etc, you’re on the right website. All our advice actually works because we have personally checked it on ourselves.

What Smart-Bodybuilding is all about

Most all of our videos and articles on the website are dedicated to androgenic anabolic steroid cycles and all the constituents for those cycles such as workout, nutrition, medical analyses, post cycle therapy etc. They are created in order to show you how to use steroids properly, with minimum risk to your health and maximum positive effect towards your goal. We show the processes and  results of those cycles on ourselves, in detail. So basically, if you follow our program precisely, you will most likely get similar results. Our nutrition and workout advice also work perfectly even without using androgenic anabolic steroids. We do not encourage using steroids, but if you have decided to use them we believe that our knowledge and experience will be useful and help you to achieve your goal faster and safer. We also believe that our videos with the transformation of our athletes will inspire you to get your body in shape.

Why you should use the information on our website:

  • we always tell you the truth, we’re not lying about unreal natural transformation and magical pills which will work the same as steroids without any side effects
  • we are not selling any supplements, most of them are absolutely useless and expensive, even if we recommend some supplements we will offer alternative variants of those supplements and you can choose the best option for you
  • we are running steroid cycle experiments and show their impact on all organisms including medical conditions such as blood analyses, blood pressure, electrocardiogram of the heart etc.
  • we are always ready to honestly answer all of your questions

So, if you get tired of “high-level” or general advice which isn’t working, this website is for you. We show you only insanely actionable tips that  actually work. We know what we’re talking about because we live it every day, as well as having deep experience and the best education.

We can be for you: 

  • personal trainer
  • personal nutritionist
  • personal medical advisor
  • supplements advisor
  • motivation expert