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Turinabol (Tbol, 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) Solo: steroids first cycle (2018)

In this video we will tell you about Turinabol (Tbol, 4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) solo as a first steroid cycle. We will determine optimal dosage of Turinabol (Tbol) for men and women.

Turinabol (Tbol) Solo: steroids first cycle

Video description:

In this video we will tell you about Turinabol (Tbol, 4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) solo as a first steroid cycle. We will determine optimal dosage of Turinabol (Tbol) for men and women. We will tell you about Turinabol (Tbol) chemistry structure, about its history, and the side effects of the androgenic anabolic steroid. We will also add a few words about manufacturers who produced the 4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

The second part of the video is about medical exams. There we will explain you important medical analyses like blood tests, cholangiopancreatography of the liver and kidneys and electrocardiogram of the heart. It’s important to get your blood work up before beginning the first androgenic anabolic steroid cycle.

Text in the video:

Hey guys! What’s up!

Today as promised I’ll introduce you to the first cycle that we’ll show you. And that Androgenic Anabolic Steroid cycle *happens to be  Turinabol solo. In this video I’ll explain why this cycle is the best to start with. I will also show you medical analyses that should be completed and checked before beginning the cycle. All the information that I will share with you today was provided by a team of professionals who have already helped thousands of people to get their desired body. So please, keep watching.

The first cycle I’ll show you by myself. So, let me begin by saying a few words about myself. I’m 28 years old. I’ve never used androgenic anabolic steroids before. I started working out when I was about 16 years old. But it was not really serious, it was just to keep myself in shape. I did not eat well early on. I took huge breaks from working out for months. Last year, I resumed my regular training and I was in quite good shape in the summer. Here, you can see a few pictures of me.

Currently, my weight is 172 pounds, my height is 5 feet 9 inches. I have about 13% body fat. My current goal is to gain 16 pounds and continue to decrease the percentage of fat in my body. In order to achieve that goal I will use 40 milligrams of turinabol per day during 8 weeks, and 50 milligrams of Clomid after the cycle for 14 days as post cycle therapy, I also will follow a strict diet and special work out program that I will describe soon.

Now, I want to explain why my first cycle is Turinabol solo and what Turinabol is to begin with. First of all I’d like to say that we advise all men who decide to begin using steroids to start with this cycle in order to find out how their organism will respond to testosterone. Turinabol is also one of the safest steroids that is frequently used by women. Turinabol produces only a soft impact on the hormonal system and doesn’t have any permanent side effects. This steroid has proven to be very effective in the effort to build lean mass. Turinabol is an oral steroid and you don’t have to deal with syringes or injections in the first cycle.

Turinabol is basically a structurally altered form of Dianabol (or Methanadienol). The structure of turinabol is quite simple. It’s molecular formula is C 20 H 27 ClO 2 . So basically, turinabol is a testosterone hormone with an added double bond of carbon 1 and 2, which alters the anabolic to androgenic ratio in favor of anabolic. As a result, turinabol’s androgenic activity is only 20% testosterone, but its anabolic activity is 180% testosterone. It also has Chloro group of carbon 4, other which inhibits the hormone from aromatizing, and also reduces its androgenic nature. And one last change is added methyl group at carbon position 17.

You can find lots of brands that produce turinabol. In theory, all those labs have to produce the exact same product with an equal composition and impact on an organism. But you should remember that a huge amount of those labs are illegal or partially illegal and their production is not controlled. Try to purchase steroids from reliable sources and reputable brands in order to avoid fake and bad quality production. If you are buying steroids over the internet, try to do some research; read reviews, find out how long the website has existed, and choose trusted, experienced brands.

Turinabol was made in Germany in the 1960’s. The main goal of the steroid was to provide better results for athletes. Many people claim that turinabol was the reason for the German Olympic teams success in 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s. Popular opinion is that turinabol is not so good in order to gain mass. But we are going to prove to you that turinabol used in combination with diet and hard, wise training allows you to gain some pounds. And the most important part is that the mass you gain will be lean without water and the mass will not disappear shortly after the course.

You will observe a completely different result using Dianabol (Methanadienol). Athletes gain quite a lot mass with water in using this but after the cycle they lose over half of it just*in the first month.

For bodybuilders, Turinabol can be used either way for gaining some lean mass or cutting fat and simultaneously retaining muscle mass. For football players, basketball players, hockey players, baseball players, and other athletes turinabol helps to increase strength without adding too much mass and increasing velocity. Turinabol also improves the recovery process of muscles and that helps athletes to train more often and harder. Turinabol is very popular among women athletes.

The optimal turinabol dosage depends on your overall goal. The optimal dosage for the first steroid cycle is 40 milligrams per day. The intake should be divided into two times of 20 milligrams in the morning and 20 milligrams in the evening. The optimal dosage for women and athletes who want to recover faster after training is 20 milligrams per day. The intake also should be divided into two times of 10 milligrams in the morning and 10 in the evening.

If you are going to take 40 milligrams per day during 8 weeks your natural production of testosterone will reduce approximately by 30% percent. In order to recover this function completely you should complete Post Cycle Therapy. In that case you could use Clomid or Tamoxifen. We recommend starting to use 50 milligrams of Clomid every day for 2 weeks, and 2 days after finishing the cycle. Clomid can be altered by Tamoksifen 20 milligrams per day. For women and athletes who use 20 milligrams of turinabol per day Post Cycle Therapy is not necessary.

An important note is that turinabol can be detected in the blood for 8 months. If you participate in competitions with doping control you should stop using turinabol 8 months prior to competing.

Turinabol has almost no side effects especially if you use it properly.

Possible Side effects of turinabol include

– decrease in testosterone level (as I told before, post cycle therapy will recover it fully)

– negative impact on liver (only if used for a really long period of time)

– small possibility of acne

The next important thing before starting to use steroids is your medical condition. Lots of athletes neglect medical analyses and that obviously is not smart. Especially if you have never used steroids before, then it’s your only chance to find out your natural level of testosterone and other important hormones and blood chemistry. Knowing your baseline is crucial since it provides your desired levels after post cycle therapy. Without knowing these baseline values, you may never be certain that your HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) has fully recovered. You have two options in order to get your blood test in the United States. First, you can go to your doctor but I do not recommend that. Because it will be difficult to obtain all the results that you want and you will have to lie about why you want them.

Doctors are usually strictly limited by insurance companies and they can’t perform all required tests. But there are still some doctors who will do it if you correctly explain the reasons for the requested tests. But you should not go to your doctor in the middle of the cycle because you don’t want androgenic anabolic steroid usage on your medical record. This could make for some difficulties in the future. For instance, problems in getting life insurance, higher payments for medical insurance, etcetera. The second option is going to private laboratories. They are available in most US states. They are fast, accurate, and confidential. You can choose only the tests that you are interested in. You have to pay out of pocket but prices are reasonably affordable for most people. Find a laboratory on the internet nearest your home.

I completed my blood tests in one such laboratory. So what analyses will be useful to you?

The first one is LH (luteinizing hormone). The reference range of luteinizing hormone is 1.9-7.9. (mile-international units per milliliter). My result was 3.9. The luteinizing hormone is produced by the gonadotropic cells in the pituitary gland. Its main function is sending messages to the body to produce testosterone and sperm in the gonads. In the middle of the cycle your Luteinizing Hormone will decrease, which is completely normal. But if after completing Post Cycle Therapy your level does not fully recover, then you should not start a new cycle.

The second important index is FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). The reference range of the follicle stimulating hormone is 2.9-12.4 mIU/ml (milli-international units per milliliter). My result was 6.0. The hormone is also produced by the gonadotrophs of the pituitary gland. Both the FSH and LH hormones work together and regulate growth, development, and reproductive processes. In the middle of the cycle the level of the FSH hormone will also decrease but after Post Cycle Therapy it will recover fully. Especially if you have not been abusing steroids for years.

The third one is testosterone. The normal range of testosterone level is between 280 to 1000ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter). My testosterone level result was 435. Testosterone is the male hormone (androgen) in the blood that affects sexual features and development. A low level will lead to low libido and infertility, and even a moderate deficiency in testosterone will affect muscle growth and your ability to recover from a workout. But if you abuse steroids and your testosterone level is too high for a long period of time, it can have a negative impact on your cardiovascular system because of estrogen levels.

Some doctors also recommend to complete a free testosterone test, but I think it is a waste of money because usually if your total testosterone is within range, your free testosterone will be within range as well.

The forth important index is Estradiol 12-53pg/ml (pictograms per milliliter). My current level is 15.4. Testosterone aromatizes into estrogen inside the body. Estrogen is often referred to as the enemy fat producing hormone among bodybuilders, an excess of estrogen can affect muscle growth, make it hard to drop body fat, and even have negative effects on your mood. So if your estradiol level is higher than 53 you will deal with water retention, sore breasts, and puffy nips (symptoms of gynecomastia). In case your Estradiol level is higher than 53, you should use an aromatase inhibitor. But don’t abuse it because your level might drop too low and people also need some estrogen to function, so it’s important that your estradiol is higher than 12.

Those are the most important factors that are directly affected by androgenic anabolic steroids. But if you have not examined your general health in over a year, you should also check all internal organs like the liver, kidneys, and heart. In order to do so you can just go to your doctor and request a check up. Usually doctors will do a Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography of the liver and kidneys and an electrocardiogram of the heart. Most health insurances let you do it for free. My blood test provides many additional results and if some indexes are not in referenced range they are marked in order to attract attention. So if some of the test results are lower or higher than normal range, you should consult with a doctor and perhaps get additional exams.

You should also pay attention to the following blood test results.

  1. Glucose, in order to get an accurate result you should not eat anything before 12 hours of the test. My level of glucose is 95 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter). If your figures are between 105 to 130 it means you have a type of pre-diabetes. A level of 130 and higher means you have diabetes.
  2. Cholesterol. A desirable level of cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter). Usually when you are using androgenic anabolic steroids your cholesterol level gets worse. So if your level is higher than 240 you should fix it before starting to use anabolic androgenic steroids. In order to fix your cholesterol level you should improve your lifestyle, change your nutrition, start exercising, and reduce stress.
  3. Liver function AST and ALT. The range for normal AST is between 10 to 40 IU/L (Units per liter) and ALT between 6 to 53 units per liter. If your figures are higher before the cycle it is possible that you have liver disease. During the cycle, especially the oral cycle, those numbers could be higher and you can use support supplements to improve them. After a few weeks numbers should recover back. Both my ALT and AST range is 26.

There are lots of other tests that you can try to assess but you should not do it at least if you are not professional bodybuilder.

That’s all what I wanted to tell you today. In the next videos I’ll explain my nutrition and workout program for the cycle. Don’t miss it.

If you learn something new from this video than make sure to subscribe on the channel right away. Now I wanna hear from you. What do you think about turinabol solo as a first steroid cycle? Are you going to run blood work before cycle? Or maybe you have additional questions. Leave your comment below.

See you soon in my next videos.

Bye, Bye.

Full blood test results

Blood test results before cycle (1 page) pre-cycle_analysis_1page

Blood test results before cycle (2 page) pre-cycle_analysis_2page

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Thx for good videos about turinabol solo cycle. I was wondering that did you take any more blood examples later after PCT. It would be interesting to know effects off cycle to testosterone levels few weeks or months after PTC.

I was hoping to see this information before you start testosterone cycle.


There are videos with blood tests in the middle of the cycle and after PCT.

Great information!
We appreciate you giving true and honest advice..
Can you give a hint of which brand of Turinabol you purchased. I am currently on testosterone therapy and would like to add Turinabol for an eight week cycle.
It’s hard finding a good source.

Thank you,

I used Turinabol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

How many hours hours I consume my second turinabol . Example 40 mgs at 8 am , after how many hours hours I consume my next pill?

Turinabol half life is 12 hours so, you should divide your daily dosage into two different times each 12 hours.

Can I just consume 40 mgs all at once ?

As I told, Turinabol has half life of 12 hours, if you consume it once per day half of the day you will be without steroid in your body. You will get benefits anyway, but it’s much better to divide it into two times.

Perfect just what I was searching for! .

Just wanted to clear things so I start my clomid dosage after two days of my last turinabol intake ? Lets say my last dosage was Friday of turinabol . So I should start pct on Monday. ????

Just wanted to clear things so I start my clomid dosage after two days of my last turinabol intake ? Lets say my last dosage was Friday of turinabol . So I should start pct on Monday. ????

Yes, if you finish cycle on Friday,you should stat PCT on Monday.

Hello, 10 days ago i started my first tbol 40mg only Cycle, and now i have low sex drive. Please tell me, what can i do? Stop Cycle or not?
Thank you

You can add testosterone to the cycle.

Lovely just what I was searching for.

Appreciate it for helping out, excellent info .

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