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What Smart BodyBuilding is all about

Watch this video to see why you should subscribe to the Smart BodyBuilding YouTube channel and visit website smart-bodybuilding.com.
The channel teaches people how to get a desired body in healthy and easy way. We’re showing you best workout programs, nutrition tips, steroids cycles, and medical surveys during the cycles. Moreover we show it on real people in real time.

What Smart BodyBuilding is all about

Video description:

Watch this video to see why you should subscribe to the Smart BodyBuilding YouTube channel and visit website smart-bodybuilding.com.

The channel teaches people how to get a desired body in healthy and easy way. We’re showing you best workout programs, nutrition tips, steroids cycles, and medical surveys during the cycles. Moreover we show it on real people in real time.Text in the video:

Hey guys! What’s up!

Welcome to the Smart BodyBuilding YouTube channel, where we will show you guys from the examples of real people in real time how to get your desired body. It’s a well-known fact that you can’t build muscles only by working out at the gym. Muscles building is a complex process that includes workout, nutrition, rest and (if you would like to achieve advanced results) steroids. On this channel we will demonstrate steroid cycles and all their constituents such as workout, nutrition, medical surveys, etcetera. All programs are designed by a team of professional bodybuilders, athletes, doctors, and nutritionists with deep backgrounds and experience. If all this sounds good to you then keep watching.

We personally do not encourage using androgenic anabolic steroids. But if you have decided to use them we believe our videos will be useful and help you to maintain your health, and save your time and money.

Well, of course, you might ask why our channel is better than others. Our explanation would be quite simple because we did some research on YouTube and we were unable to find complete honest disclosure of steroid cycles which could be used to avoid important mistakes which might cause severe problems. Also, we’ve* found lots of misinformation in YouTube videos, for instance, videos that promote megacycles with huge dosages that are totally unnecessary and even dangerous.

Also we found lots of scammers on YouTube who claim that steroid alternatives work absolutely the same way as real steroids and that they are even better because they don’t have any side effects and you can legally purchase them.

So basically we will introduce you to our experiment guy who will take steroids. We will say a few words about him, his age, workout experience, steroid experience, his current medical condition and gym performance. Based on his goals our team will compose an individual program that will include steroid cycle, special diet, and custom workout program. After, we will observe his progress and medical analyses during the cycle. At times if the results do not satisfy us after a few weeks we will correct his nutrition and workout program.

We are going to pay lots of attention to medical condition of athletes. It’s a well-known fact that using androgenic anabolic steroids is a serious risk to your health. There is no safe way of taking androgenic anabolic steroids, but you can still minimize the risks. All of our experimental athletes will do at least three different medical surveys, first one before using steroids in order to find out if their medical conditions allow them to even use steroids at all, second in the middle of the cycle in order to find out the impact of steroids on their organism, and last one after Post Cycle Therapy in order to find out if all functions of their organism completely recovered.

In a future video we will explain to you the basics of nutrition and help each of you to create the best diet program independent to whether you gain or cut mass, or use androgenic anabolic steroids or not. We also will tell you about the different types of food and give you tips on how to keep eating well even if you have to combine them with a busy schedule and limited financial resources.

We will also introduce you to every work out program for each cycle that we will show. We did lots of research and experiments to determine the best programs for each cycle, and for sure we will show you those programs in the gym.

Now I’d like to say a few words about androgenic anabolic steroid, shortly known as AAS. You might have heard slang names that stand for AAS the most popular ones are gear, roids, and juice. Androgenic anabolic steroids are synthetically produced variants of the naturally occurring male hormone, testosterone. They were synthesized in the 1930’s for use in medical purposes. But soon enough people found out that using testosterone could help enhance sports results. Unfortunately, from that moment on most sport competitions became medical competitions. Nowadays, you cannot achieve good results in most professional sports without taking steroids. Also if we take a look into the past we can see that even ancient civilizations were trying to find something that would give them advantages in competitions. Some of them ate special plants, roots, and mushrooms. But the nearest to steroids were athletes in ancient Greece. Athletes there ate bull testicles which actually contained testosterone although that was not proven efficient because of disputes of assimilation of such types of testosterone. We were trying to conduct experiments if it’s possible to assimilate bull testicles but all our attempts to get those testicles failed.

Research claims that over 1% of the United States population uses steroids at least once despite strict AAS legislation, so the question is: What makes people who are not professional sportsmen use steroids? The main reasons are:

– The constant aspiration in developing, relates to people who have been working out for a while. They were glad with their first year of results because they significantly improved their strength and gained some pounds, but after they became faced with stagnation.

– Modern people are lazy and they are used to get fast results. Some people, independently from their goals, prefer to achieve results in the easiest and fastest way.

– Influence of environment frequently is a cause of using steroids. Your friends or your fitness trainer advise you to take steroids in order to achieve some results.

– Nonprofessional sports in high school and university such as football, baseball, basketball.

There also are people who want to take steroids but they are stopped by factors like:

– they are urged that the use of anabolic steroids is considered cheating

– they are afraid of injections

– they are afraid of side effects

– they just don’t know where to obtain anabolic steroids and don’t want any problems with the law

– relatively high prices for steroids

As I’ve mentioned before, androgenic anabolic steroids have physical side effects. Possible side effects include the following:

– Acne and oily skin

– Baldness

– Trouble sleeping

– Shrinking of the testicles

– Growth of breast tissue (known as ginecomastia)

– Mood swings

– Excessive hair growth

– Elevated blood pressure

– Might cause cancer, heart problems, kidney problems and liver problems

Those are only some common possible side effects. That’s why it’s really important to use drugs properly and constantly monitor your health.

And now at the end of the video I’d like to add a few words about AAS legislation. The legal status of AAS varies from country to country. The United States has some of the strictest rules related to steroids and that is an amusing fact since despite laws the US has one of the biggest percentages of users of steroids according to research.

In the United States androgenic anabolic steroids are listed as Schedule 3 controlled substances which makes even the possession of such substances without a prescription a federal crime. Possible maximum punishment is up to one year in prison for a first offense. Unlawful distribution or possession with intent to distribute androgenic anabolic steroids as a first offense is punished by up to five years in prison. Frankly speaking, it’s very rare that someone receives real time in prison only for possession of steroids. And police prefer to keep a blind eye on steroid users. They are interested only in huge distributors.

If you compare steroid legislation with other countries, for instance Canada and most European countries, androgenic anabolic steroids are listed as schedule 4 controlled substances. That makes it illegal to obtain or sell AAS without a prescription, however, possession is not punishable. Also there are countries where steroids don’t have any regulations whatsoever. The nearest example is Mexico where you can buy steroids without a prescription in any pharmacy.

As a result of strict laws United States has a huge black market of steroids. Most AAS that are sold in the US were smuggled across the border although there are some small home-made underground laboratories. AAS that is smuggled across the border is frequently produced in pharmaceutical laboratories in countries where it is legal or half legal like Thailand, India, China, Moldova etc. Also some American people are getting steroids through their doctors, there are known legal cases against doctors and veterinarians who sell prescriptions for AAS.

I think that’s all that I wanted to tell you in the first video.

Let me know what you think about Steroids and the channel itself in the comments.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and my social media accounts.

In the very next video we will introduce you to our first steroid cycle so please keep watching.

See you soon.


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Hey, how’s it going. I’ve been viewing your vids. Got me interested in cycling myself, but I can’t find a reliable supplier. Where is it you make your purchases for tbol?

I didn’t purchase tbol on the internet so, I can’t recommend a supplier.

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